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     I bought the property 15 years ago and paid by installment and it just got fully paid. Since from the start of the transaction, I have a very good experience with Capital Holdings. I usually get the answers if I have some questions and everyone is so helpful whenever I needed something. I'm so happy and grateful with this company and I highly recommend this company to others.

- Angelica F.
Orange, CA

     In December 1999, I purchased a 4.5 acre parcel of land from Capital Holdings, Inc. in the amount of $46,000 and paid 10% as my down payment and the balance payable in 30 years.

     In January 2006, an investor/businessman offered to buy the said property and after several phone calls, we agreed on the selling price which was five times the original price. Capital Holdings, Inc. did the whole transaction in 17 days and the payment was channeled to a 1031 exchange company.

     From that transaction, I was able to invest in two houses, one in Las Vegas, NV and the other one is in Riverside, CA.

- Teresita B.
Yorba Linda, CA

     When I first met Jet Sison, my instincts told me that she would help me make money in real estate. My faith paid off. In just one and a half years, I already net $290,000. Iíve had to invest only $95,000 including loan payment. Thank you.

- Nat K.
La Mesa, CA

     I thank Capital Holdings Inc.(CHI) for giving us the opportunity to become land owners in areas of potentially significant growth. I have learned a lot listening to their presentation. They have always been very professional and efficient in their dealings with me.

- Sal A.
Walnut, CA

     Capital Holdings is a reputable company that not only aids new customers in purchasing parcels in this economic downturn but also maintains accessible financing for all their clients. Working with CHI has been pleasant and rewarding.

- Crystal C.
National City, CA

     Jet Sison has been my real estate broker for a long time and have bought property from Capital Holdings, Inc. When I needed the money, I asked her to sell the property for me. Within the same day, she sold the property. I earned 110% of my investment! Jet is a lady with impeccable character and a good heart. Iím truly blessed for having known her.

- Julie M.
Spanaway, WA

     It was many years ago that I purchased my land but Jet and her staff at Capital Holdings, Inc. continue their top-A service and client support. In the past years, I had occasions to need a copy of my Deed of Trust to the land, a registration and map of my parcel and feedback on the ongoing growth of the area where my land is located. My e-mails and phone calls were answered promptly and very efficiently. This tells me that Capital Holdings does not stop at anything to keep their clients happy and satisfied.

     We would also like to take this opportunity to express our admiration and gratitude to Jet and Neil Sison of Capital Holdings, Inc. They made it possible for us to own a piece of land that we could afford. It was through their advice that we now own this land with all kinds of wonderful potential to make us solvent in our retirement years.

- Gene & Tessa T.

     We were able to negotiate and purchase a 35 and 40-acre lot in Adelanto. It seemed so easy when they told us that all we had to do was pay a 10% down payment with a balance payable over 30 years. No one among us disagreed, so the transaction was done. I never dreamt of owning such a big property. Many thanks to the whole staff of Capital Holdings for great service and for helping us own properties so affordable.

- Alex B.
Glendale, CA

     I have really enjoyed working with Capital Holdings, Inc. Jet and all the staff were friendly and made my transactions easy. The property was better than I could imagine and the earnings were just as explained. I made more in a year of holding the property than in the stock market or any other investment. Capital Holdings, Inc. made obtaining and owning property affordable and accessible. Thanks for all your help.

- Donna C.
Chino Hills, CA

     I have to thank Jet for the generous and quick assistance extended to me. I also appreciate and thank your staff for the deluxe service. You must know that because of your kind help, we were greatly unburdened in our financial obligations. Thanks so much!

- Zen G.
Legazpi, Philippines

     As a land investor, I recommend the High Desert region as the best place to begin and Capital Holdings, Inc. as the place to contact because they are knowledgeable, successful and strategic real estate specialists in the region.

- Tito A.
San Diego, CA

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What Our Colleagues Say About Us

     Capital Holdings, Inc. has been a long standing client of Cimarron Escrow, Inc. for many years. We value and appreciate our relationship with Capital Holdings, Inc. as a loyal client. Further, we appreciate their success in our Real estate community and look forward to a thriving future together. It's always been a pleasure to work together with Capital Holdings, Inc. and their efficient office staff.

- Cimarron Escrow, Inc.
Victorville, CA

     I have had the pleasure to provide you architectural and engineering services. I have worked side by side with you in creating business partnerships on various developments. I have also been given the opportunity to provide you professional consulting. And it has been a pleasure in each and every way.

     The manner in which you operate your business is admirable. I have witnessed you operate your day-to-day business and you have managed to create a true business that holds integrity and ethics as a priority to your clients. I have also been impressed with the personal aspect that you've added to your practice. Although unconventional by typical business standards you have tapped into an area of the broker-client relationship that is intimate and human. This quality, although unfortunately rare, will always give you the upper-hand to the competition.

- Arath L.
RedHouse D&E, Inc.

     In the business world it is the rare opportunity to work with a true expert and professional on a continuing basis. My association with CHI has been both positive and rewarding.

- William Y.
Real Estate Professional

     As founder and CEO of the Wealth Building Institute, and a full time real estate investor myself, I can say without a doubt that the most profitable contact for my investors and myself has been with Capital Holdings, Inc.

     One of the amazing assets of Capital Holdings, Inc. is how honest, friendly and approachable all the employees are, especially the president, Jet Sison. I feel lucky to have met and to have invested with them as well. I consider them not only colleagues but friends.

- Michael A.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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