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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify?
There is no pre-qualification, no credit check, and U.S. citizenship is not necessary through Capital Holdings, Inc.

What is leveraging?
Leveraging in real estate is spending as little money out-of-pocket in order to receive the greatest return.

How does land banking compare to stocks?
Speculative investment in land allows you to leverage your money, making land ownership possible for anyone. With stocks, there is no leveraging; hence if you want to buy $100,000 worth of shares, you need $100,000 cash.

What is my down payment?
Minimum 10% of the purchase price is required but this may vary depending on the parcel of land.

Which area is the best?
The best area would be determined by your budget, investment goals, objective and your timeline.

Who owns the land that Capital Holdings, Inc. sells?
All parcels that are marketed and sold by Capital Holdings, Inc. are owned by its affiliated companies.

Who do Capital Holdings, Inc.'s agents and brokers represent?
Capital Holdings, Inc. represents the seller exclusively.

How do I know exactly where my property is located?
Each property is assigned a unique Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) by the County Tax Assessor. By using the Assessor's parcel map of a given APN, we can derive an approximate location to any property. If you require the most accurate location and boundaries of a property, we recommend you contact and hire a surveyor.

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Amargosa Executive Plaza
Amargosa Executive Plaza
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