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     What influences the appreciation of land values in California? Consider the following facts about the Golden State:

Victor Valley Forecast: High Economic Growth!

     The Victor Valley is nestled North of the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California. With California's growing population and Los Angeles' increasing congestion, the population is being pushed East towards this region with its major arteries of transportation being the Interstate 15, 40 and 58, Highway 395 and State Route 18. Upon traveling through the area, one can't deny the increase in shopping centers, restaurants, paved roads, schools, residential communities and businesses. Even today, the 15 freeway in San Bernardino County is undergoing major construction such as the Devore Interchange Project, in hopes of relieving the daily freeway traffic that flows into the Victor Valley.

     The Victor Valley's affordable housing and expanding distribution hub(home to companies like Goodyear, Mars Candy Factory, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, GE, Boeing, and many more) are some of the reasons it has become one the fastest growing regions in the country.

     The development of the Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) alone has greatly contributed to the region's economy and continues to grow by runway extensions, additional hangar constructions, an additional $450 million power plant, and most recently, a regional plant by the 3rd largest beverage company in the United States.

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     The E-220 High Desert Corridor Project is a multi-purpose corridor. It provides a more efficient route for goods transported from the Los Angeles County and Ventura County seaports. It will improve air quality and traffic congestion. It will include a 63-mile, 6 lane highway, linking San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County. It will link two major airports in Palmdale and Victorville. Included in the project are plans for a high speed rail(HSR) link between the future Palmdale HSR station and Victorville Xpresswest HSR station. Overall, the E-220 project will stimulate economic growth throughout the Victor Valley Region.

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     Healthcare expansion is moving forward in the Victor Valley with the construction of the St. Joseph Health & St. Mary Medical Center in Victorville, expected to open in 2016. Currently under construction, this 249,204 sq.ft facility is expected to have 900 full-time employees and volunteers. The initial phase will include 30 emergency bays, one helipad, two trauma rooms, four operating rooms, a labor and delivery department, chapel and dining facilities with flexibility for future expansions.

     John Husing, Ph.D., an influential research economist for the Inland Empire and all of Southern California, published his analysis of the future medical center and its positive economic impact on the whole Victor Valley. Download here for his report.

     XpressWest is a high speed passenger railroad. It will allow people to travel from Victorville, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. It will utilize high speed electric trains that can reach speeds of up to 150 mph. The environmental review process has been completed. All the required licensing and federal approvals to construct have been accomplished. It will become part of the planned Southwest Network, which will connect major areas such as Northern California, Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.

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     The North Apple Valley Industrial Specific Plan (NAVISP), located in the city of Apple Valley, provides solutions for businesses relocating to the region. It will provide over 5,000 acres, zoned for industrial and commercial development. The Victor Valley College's Public Safety Training Facility which opened in 2012 is the one of the latest developments made possible by the NAVISP.

     To get more information on Victor Valley news and developments, visit our News Links section.

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